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Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the use of translation apps.You can start your essay with the sentence"The use of translation apps is becoming increasingly popular."You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.
The use of translation apps is becoming increasingly popular.Consequently,people are getting more opportunities to speak or meet another language but their own mother tongue with the development of the economy.Undoubtedly,an app of translation is crucial for people who cannot handle the language perfectly.But the viewpoints are split one whether this kind of apps are wholly a good thing.
Where there is a light,there is a shadow.Some people argue that a translation app will bridge them with the native speakers adequately no matter who will be a traveler or a businessman.It will pose a huge threat for people who can not understand what they say.Fortunately,everyone will interact richly with the apps like this.On the other hand,some people think that the translations app cannot fully create and convey the feelings on the authentic language.As a result,it will bring more misunderstandings.Besides,the opponents take the point of view that people will be more over-reliant on the mobile-phones and Internet.
Form where I stand,I would take the the translation on this kind of apps as a reference rather than a kind of dependence.The most effective and beneficial way to express yourself and communicate with a foreigner is to improve one’s ability to exert this unfamiliar language.As an old saying goes is Practice makes perfect.
Section A
Directions:In this section,you will hear three news reports.At the end of each news report,you will hear two or three questions.Both the news report and the questions will be spoken only once.After you hear a question,you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A),B),C)and D).Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through the centre.
Questions 1 and 2 are based on the news report you have just heard.
News Report One
…parts of Scotland covered by the orange alert to avoid travel on Wednesday,'this is what he said to us.The orange warning may be raised to red in some areas.That is a warning for snow that has never been seen since the modern system came into place in Scotland.The orange warning has been extended until 6 p.m.on Thursday.Trains,planes and ferries are also likely to be affected,with wind chill that could see parts of Britain feeling as cold as-15℃.The head of road policing said,'I would urge drivers to take extra care on the roads for their journeys.Drivers should make sure they are prepared for their journey with warm clothing,food and drink,sufficient fuel and a charged mobile phone.There could be significant traffic delays,so please start to plan your journey now to consider if you really need to travel on conditions of this…
Question 1:What were people at parts of Scotland advised to do?
Question 2:What did the head of road policing urge drivers to do?
Questions 3 and 4 are based on the news report you have just heard.
News Report 2
Romania's wetlands are coming back to life,thanks to help from local communities,the World Wildlife Fund and funding from the European Union.Roughly 2,224 acres of the picturesque Danube Delta–home to 300 species of birds–have filled with wildlife.The land has been connected to the network of lakes and streams in the area.'A lot of birds have migrated to the area and one doesn't need to travel long hours anymore or go to other lakes to watch the birds,'says Ion Meuta,Deputy Mayor of Mahmudia.The area around Mahmudia,which is a UNESCO World Heritage site,is the third-most biodiverse in the world,after Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the Galapagos Islands.Groups used earth-moving equipment to restore the waterways.Government officials proposed to protect the area's endangered wild fish by issuing a fishing ban over the next decade.
Question 3:What is the news report mainly about?
Question 4:What did government's officials propose to do to protect the endangered fish?
In China,hotpot has got a history more than 2000 years.It became popular among several chillest areas and it spread to many other place rapidly.Naturally,hotpot got more diverse form with the local taste.When eating hotpot,people get together to sit around a dining-table and the steaming hotpot will be in the middle on it.People can choose their favorite food such as meat,seafoods,vegetables and other side dishes to cook them.Diners will chat with each other deeply and enjoy the delicious foods.
get together:在英文书面表达和口语中十分地道;
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